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Review – easy GFCF dinner

We’ve been extremely busy this month, and have been missing the ability to have easy meals – like ordering a pizza. After a bit of work, we finally came up with an easy GFCF dinner we were able to buy at our neighborhood grocery store. (Disclaimer: it’s a ‘gourmet’ grocery store for all of the rich people on the other side of the tracks…. you won’t find this stuff at 1) Course one: Ian’s Sweet Potato Fries or Alphatots. They

Review: Sunspire Tropical Source GFCF chocolate chips

Sometimes it just seems that you need a little chocolate to get through the day – my DW is often quoted as saying “there isn’t enough chocolate in the whole world” after an especially trying day with Dorthy. When first going GFCF, chocolate was one of the things I missed the most – which is why these chocolate chips were truly a find. They are, of course loaded with sugar, and contain soy – so they are a sometimes treat

Review – Enjoy Life: Very Berry Crunch

We have enjoyed so many other Enjoy Life products that I thought I’d give their “granola” cereal a shot. ┬áMy first surprise was that the cereal was black – they looked very much like crumbled asphalt. I didn’t expect that at all, but it wasn’t enough to throw me off my mission. (this may be enough to make them a no-go for a child who judges food more by look than by taste). After adding rice milk, I took a