Review: Sunspire Tropical Source GFCF chocolate chips

GFCF chocolate Chips Sometimes it just seems that you need a little chocolate to get through the day – my DW is often quoted as saying “there isn’t enough chocolate in the whole world” after an especially trying day with Dorthy. When first going GFCF, chocolate was one of the things I missed the most – which is why these chocolate chips were truly a find. They are, of course loaded with sugar, and contain soy – so they are a sometimes treat for me and not an everyday staple. (GFCF soy free chips are available and I’ll review them soon, but they are a bit waxy compared to tropical Source). Sunspire has made Christmas and my birthday just a little bit nicer, with a GFCF chip that tastes even better than Hershey’s. They make candy bars as well, but I’ve only found them online by the dozen, and I don’t think I have enough willpower to ration them, so I haven’t tried them yet – once a bag of chips is opened it never lasts more than a day – even if the recipe only calls for 1/2 a cup…


  • Chaplan Bates

    LOVE your web site and like you chocolate around here doesnt last a day. Been on the GFCF for three years now due to Celiac.
    Thank you for taking the time to share With others The hints of of this Lifestyle you have learnt.

  • no, no, no! Those contain soy lecithin. Buy the Enjoy Life! ones instead. Soy is yukky for ASD kids, and everyone else. Enjoy Life! tastes awesome- and no soy! You can get theirs on 🙂

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