Review – easy GFCF dinner

We’ve been extremely busy this month, and have been missing the ability to have easy meals – like ordering a pizza. After a bit of work, we finally came up with an easy GFCF dinner we were able to buy at our neighborhood grocery store. (Disclaimer: it’s a ‘gourmet’ grocery store for all of the rich people on the other side of the tracks…. you won’t find this stuff at


1) Course one: Ian’s Sweet Potato Fries or Alphatots. They are both GFCF. The Sweet Potatoes have soy oil, so you’ll want to watch out for them if you are soy sensitive.Super Wal-Mart.) So without further ado – our easy four course GFCF meal:


2) Course two: Applegate Farms Uncured Turkey Hot Dogs. I believe most of their hot dogs are GFCF and SF, but their website doesn’t make nutritional information easily accessible – so read the label before buying them (like you don’t already spend hours reading labels at the store)

3) Course three: Frozen veggies. Usually broccoli, as it’s a cruciferous veggie, high in vitamin c and antioxidants. Sometimes green beans or peas – especially if the organic ones are on sale!

4) Course four: lacto-fermented foods. We make our own sauerkraut and pickles, using the recipes from “Nourishing Traditions“. The ‘good’ bacteria help keep our intestines healthy and happy. They are pretty darn easy to make, and when we keep them handy (having a small serving at dinner) the sensitive stomachs seem to perform much better.

While this is still a lot more work than ordering a pizza, in 15-20 min we can have a hot meal – and if you keep the hot dogs, veggies and fries in the freezer it’s an easy meal that can be kept around long term, “just in case”.  We’ll have this meal when an experimental dinner recipe has bombed.

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