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Easy GFCF Bread

Our local grocer is in the process of remodeling.  Because of this, they have lost about 1/3 of their frozen foods section – eliminating less popular items like gluten free bread.  So to get bread we either need to make a 1/2 hour drive or make it ourselves.  While we have a lot of experience and success in GFCF baking, my bread always turns out horrid! Well, no more!  I have finally figured out a quick, easy, and (relatively) cheap

Lunch on the Road

Dorothy had a big, overnight, school trip out of state recently, and one of the big challenges to her going was the food (of course!). She is on a strict GFCF diet, and is allergic to 40 other foods – making her ability to eat at the buffet or fast food non-existant. In order to allow her to go on the trip, we provoided all of her food for her. The lunch below is a great example of what we

Voluptuous organic pear

On today’s menu we have Applegate Farms turkey on Food for Life White Rice bread with canola mayo from Spectrum.  We have a lovely, voluptuous, organic pear (low in phenols, folks) and carrots with tiny tomatoes (not so low in phenols, we’re not perfect.) We have pumpkin seeds, also called pepitas if your health food store is snooty, and some sweet potato chips, because our kiddo is allergic to white potatoes and corn. Last but not least, we have a